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35 years of Chinese Medical Center

The Chinese Medical Center was founded in 1986 by Dong Zhi Lin in Utrecht.

Mr. Dong, who is from China and has trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), started a small clinic at Croeselaan in Utrecht where he mainly treated patients with acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. His practice was much frequented and has built up a very good reputation over the years.

In October 1995, the Chinese Medical Center (CMC) was opened on the Geldersekade in Amsterdam. In May 2003 CMC BV began a joint venture with Tasly Group Co. Ltd. from China.

The Chinese Medical Center consists of the clinic, the training center and the import-export department, already for quite some time.

Successful TCM treatments

TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been gaining more and more interest in the West in recent decades, not only among patients but also within medical circles. This is mainly a result of successful treatments with few or no side effects.

Due to the increased interest and the good results of his treatments, Mr. Dong has been able to continue to expand his clinic. With his good contacts in China, he has been able to invite highly regarded professors with various specialisations in the field of TCM to the Netherlands. This allowed him to treat Dutch patients even better and more particular to their needs.


Chinese TCM products

Over the years Mr. Dong has also expanded his range of products, such as Chinese herbs, acupuncture needles, specific Chinese herbal mixtures, which are used in the application of Chinese medicine.