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Make an appointment? Call 020 6235060

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TCM treatments

All our TCM treatments are practiced by highly specialized TCM therapists. Our TCM Clinic has excellent contacts with various TCM hospitals in China. That is why there is always the possibility to invite professors from numerous specializations to the Netherlands for practice.

The TCM treatments in our clinic


TCM treatment Acupuncture - Chinese Medical Center Amsterdam
An Acupuncture treatment is a therapeutic method in which a stimulation is given to one or more acupuncture points by using different types of needles, with the aim of preventing or curing a spectrum of medical conditions.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Pharmacy - Chinese Medical Center Amsterdam
The Chinese herbal specialist will compose a Chinese herbal formula based on the diagnosis, specially tailored to your personal health situation. This Chinese herbal formula is prepared for you in our own herbal department and an infusion must be extracted from these dried herbs.

Chinese Tuina

TCM treatment Tuina massage - Chinese Medical Center Amsterdam

Chinese Tuina Massage is a massage technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The different energy channels in the body are stimulated by means of very varied manipulation techniques through which energy blockages are removed.

Moxa therapy

TCM treatment Moxa - Chinese Medical Center Amsterdam

Moxa therapy is a technique in which a cone or stick of the herb Artemisia is ignited at the relevant points to treat diseases.


Acupuncture treatment and Moxatherapy TCM and Acupuncture Clinic Amsterdam-Chinese Medical Center

Cupping is a method in which a cup made of glass, bamboo or earthenware is applied to the skin surface. This is done by briefly heating the brim of the cup, so that a vacuum force is created locally on the skin.


Reimbursement by your health insurer

After each treatment you will receive an invoice which you can submit to your health insurer. Almost all health insurers reimburse our treatments entirely or partially, in their supplementary insurance packages, depending on policy conditions.

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